A Russ Freeman Fake Book

Fake Books, Russ Freeman
20 Russ Freeman compositions in lead sheet format, complete with intros, codas, second voices, bass lines and voicings when needed, for C instruments.
JSF-001 — 20 compositions (34 pages)  – 20€

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West coast pianist Russ Freeman is often underrated, both as an improviser and as a composer. A key member of the west coast jazz scene, his always original piano playing and compositions can be heard under the leadership of Chet Baker, Shelly Manne, Art Pepper and Shorty Rogers among others.

This Fake Book, is shedding light on the originality of Russ Freeman as a composer. The 20 compositions included here have been meticulously transcribed and edited in lead sheet formats, complete with intros, codas, interludes, second voices, bass lines and voicings when needed.

Included here are all the Freeman compositions that were recorded by Chet Baker – including the gorgeous ballad “The Wind” – plus other compositions that Freeman recorded under his own name.

“A Russ Freeman Fake Book” includes music for:

– Amblin’
– An Afternoon At Home
– Backfield In Motion
– Batter Up
– Band Aid
– Bea’s Flat
– Bock’s Top
– Fungo
– Fan Tan
– Happy Little Sunbeam
– No Ties
– Hugo Hurwhey
– Laugh, Cry
– Summer Sketch
– Maid In Mexico
– Russ Job
– Safe At Home
– Say When
– The Eye Opener
– The Wind


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2 thoughts on “A Russ Freeman Fake Book

  1. I want to purchase the Russ Freeman Fakebook JSF – 001 .Do you ship to Taiwan .? If not , do you ship to Australia ? I reside in Taipei , but it could be sent to my daughter in South Australia .
    I tried to pay with my Mastercard , but my billing & delivery address in Taipei were rejected .
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,
    Malcolm Bromley

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Sorry for the late answer. We do not “ship”, as the fakebook is a pdf file sent to you by a link that you’ll get as soon as you have paid via Paypal.
      If Paypal doesn’t work in Taipei, try with your sister’s card in South Australia, it should work!
      Arthur for Jazzscores.net

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